StarBase - Alpha, Star Wars crawl - in html5 with CSS3 animation, in Bad Salzuflen, Germany

StarBase - Alpha showcases the features of the JWPlayer version 5 and 6

StarBase - Alpha can be viewed in two modes - fullscreen mode or normal mode

StarBase - Alpha

To boldly go where no website has before…

StarBase - Alpha
"The Future Contingency"

The Prime Directive for StarBase - Alpha is to showcase the examples for the JWPlayer versions:

  • JWP5.10.2295
  • JWP6.6.3867
  • JWP6.7.4071
  • JWP6.8.4616 "current version"

a visitor to this web site may during their visit:

  • become aware of the feature(s)
  • find method(s) using the JWPlayer
  • find possible solution(s) to a problem

"700 million people" watch video via JWPlayer each month on the internet.

'3+ million' web sites use the JWPlayer.

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