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The examples in using the JWPlayer on this web site can/may have a far reaching implication; not only for the desktop but also for the mobile markets. It is simply the manner in which they can be used to suit the individual needs or requirements and therefore may be implemented in the following possible multitude of markets; to name a few:

  1. You Tube presentation (see Ashcroft, BC Canada) in example
  2. 'real-time' TV broadcasting
  3. 'real time' Radio broadcasting
  4. digital advertising (local, national, international)
  5. travel industry
       (tour companies,airlines, cruise lines, public services, holiday resorts)
  6. holiday & resort industry (hotels, camping, summer, winter)
  7. entertainment industry (online sales, marketing, publications)
  8. governmental information services
  9. distance remote education
  10. education (online training at all levels of education)
  11. SEO - Search Engines, Social Networks
  12. adult industry

The examples clearly demonstrate the versatility in the applications that can/may be used with JWPlayer from JWPlayer in NY, USA.

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